1. What is Studyabroad WestAfrica
    Ans: It is an educational platform that is ready to help westafricans to get admission to specific schools outside thier countries on a partial scholarship basis
  2. What are the countries Studyabroad WestAfrica deals with
    Ans: as we work to get others on board that will comply with our partial scholarship vision ,for now we deal with Uk, Malaysia, India , ukraine , Latvia and China
  3. is my visa guaranteed?
    Ans: Studyabroad does not only help you get your admission but takes you through the whole process until you get your visas and yes visas are guaranteed but in case of visa refusals all monies paid to the school are refunded
  4. What if midway I don’t want to enrol anymore
    Ans: The tuition fees made to the universities are refunded and even with that every University has a percentage refund policy for mid way enrolment cancellations.
  5. Do I need a passport
    Ans: yes you do need an international travelling document to be able to study outside.
  6. Can Studyabroad help me get a passport
    Ans: yes we can help you get international travelling passports.
  7. Can I work whilst studying
    Ans: Depend on the university and the country you choose some Universities come with work permit of 20 hours per week during school hours and full time during vacation some don’t give work permit.
  8. How do I start my process
    Ans: we will need the following documents to process your application for all countries.
    A.Photocopy of thier passports(cover and relevant data pages)
    B.Bachelors Degree certificates and transcript grades.
    C.Secondary School certificate and transcript of grades(Waec Certificate)
    D.Reference. letters(one academic and one work)
    D.Ielts for Only London School of Commerce